Amazing Facts About The Rottweiler Lab Mix

Rottweiler Lab Mix

The Rottweiler Lab Mix, also called the Labrottie is a crossbreed of two purebreds; the Rottweiler and the Labrador Retriever. It possesses a protective nature which has been inherited from its Rottweiler parent as well as intelligence, friendliness and warmth, which are traits acquired from the Labrador Retriever parent.

The Labrottie has been built for several sports for dogs such as tracking, retrieving, obedience and agility. It has a body which is muscular, a broad head, a docked tail and an arched neck. Please keep on reading and get to know what to expect from this crossbreed if you intend to own one.


Origin Of A Labrottie

A Labrottie is a designer dog, and not a mutt. A mutt is a crossbreed whose existence came about without guidance, while the designer dog is brought about by someone who is skilled enough and had adequate knowledge about the breeds they mix. Information on the origin and reason why the Labrottie was bred is not available. Due to that fact, it would be ideal to look at the origin of the parent.

  • The Labrador Retriever

This breed started to exist in the early 1700s. The primary purpose why it was bred was to get a helper for fishermen as well as a loyal companion of members of a household, after ending the days’ fishing spree. Its origin is Newfoundland in Canada, and that is the name they were initially given.

During their visits, the English sportsmen could not help noticing the appealing traits of the Lab such as their affectionate nature, hardworking traits, and loyalty and so they retook it to England. In England, they became hunting companions and a new name, the Labrador, was given to them. In the late 19th century, new breeding laws were introduced and a new tax imposed on the Labrador owners, and so their existence ceased.

  • The Rottweiler

There were remains of a villa that was red tiled, in Southern Germany. It was discovered in an excavation process that was taking place, and the town was given the name das Rote Wil. The dogs that existed here were called the Rottweiler. For many centuries, these dogs were used to pull meat carts, for protection and also when grazing cattle. After the introduction of the rail, the breed almost got to extinction.

They have been used for many years as police dogs and as working dogs. Bad breeders ruined the reputation of this breed as it got many health complications as well as a bad temperament, which led to a decreased demand for the breed. Luckily, of late we have good breeders who are seeking to change people’s prejudice on the breed.

Appearance Of A Labrottie

The Labrottie is huge, and its weight ranges from 70-120 pounds and its length is approximately 24 inches in the least and 27 inches at most. It is as muscular as its Rottweiler parent and has flappy ears, and a broad head, both inherited from the Lab parent. Its double coat is either short or medium and either smooth or soft. The common colors for the coats of Rottweiler Lab mix are such as black, tan, cream, brown and the mix colors.

Temperament And Behavior Of A Labrottie

The parent dogs: the Labrador Retriever as well as the Rottweiler show much attention to their owners and other members of the household. This qualifies them to be the perfect pet for the family. They always have a clownish behavior as they try to be pleasant to their owners. They are docile and devoted to their owners, and that is the reason why they will always be following you around to give you company. Secluding them for long is bound to make them destructive.

The Labrottie is not so good at welcoming other pets or strangers as it seeks to guard its territory. Due to this, you need to expose your Labrottie to a variety of people, sounds and sights. They can be great friends of your kitty if they are brought up together.

Trainability Of Rottweiler Lab Mix

Training a Labrottie is easy since it is a fast learner. This breed will be suitable for you, only if you are confident and have the willingness to spend your time training and supervising your dog. To enhance your dog’s obedience during training time, ensure that your commands are short and precise. Clicker training is an excellent alternative which involves mainly utilization of positive reinforcement, cooperation and consistency. All these aid in minimizing your dog’s aggressiveness.

To assist your dog in socialization, introduce it to other dogs so that it can learn how to coexist with other pets. You only need to ensure that the pets you are introducing your dog to are friendly. By organizing play-dates, you increase the chances of your dog learning how to live with other dogs. Having it learn how to be friendly and welcoming to strangers is also an added advantage.

Here Are Some Tips On How You Should Take Care Of Your Labrottie

  • Exercise

For your Labrottie to be happy, you should ensure that it gets enough activity every day as it possesses a working heritage. When constantly indoors, it will assume an inactive nature. Giving it a walk for probably 30 minutes would be something it would be happy about. Interactive games such as fetch and ball retrieval will do well by boosting your dog’s health by keeping it fit. Exercise should be just enough because too much of it will not be suitable for your dog which has a double coat which makes its body to be extremely hot.

  • Grooming needs of a Labrottie

Weekly brushing will serve your Labrottie perfectly. A firm-bristled brush does the work as well as it should be done by evenly distributing the oils of the skin and removing loose hairs. This in turn maintains the neatness of your dog. Bathing your dog twice every two months keeps your dog clean, and it smells good. Trimming a Labrottie’s nails one time per month will also add to its neatness.

  • Health problems that a Labrottie is prone to

Just like most of the dogs which have a deep chest, the Rottweiler Lab mix are prone to torsion or bloat. Feeding your dog on large amounts of food in a single meal, making it exercise excessively after having a meal and encouraging rapid eating is not recommended. Other health problems your Labrottie is prone to are such as PRA, allergies, canine cataracts as well as elbow and hip dysplasia.

  • Feeding requirements of a Rottweiler Lab Mix

You ought to feed your dog on food that is of high quality. It should constitute of proteins which amounts to 30 percent, crude fat which is 20 percent and fiber whose content should be way below 4 percent. For an adult Labrottie, four to five cups of dry dog food are ideal per day. In addition to dry kibble and canned food, feeding your dog on raw meat and bones will be of benefit to it.

  • How much do I need to part with to own and maintain a Labrottie?

Labrottie puppies’ price ranges from $350 to $600. The medical costs which cover your dog getting neutered, vaccinated, dewormed, examined by a veterinarian, chipped and blood tested, range from $485 to $585.

For non-medical needs such as purchasing toys, food, acquiring a license and obedience training, you will spend about $615. There are also other requirements for your dog such as a leash and collar, bowls and a crate. For these, set your budget at $500.


If you desire to own a Labrottie, responsibility has to be a part of you. You should ensure that it gets to socialize with other pets and learns how to be friendly to visitors, early enough in its life. Actively training your dog will be an added advantage since exercise will maintain its good health as well as aiding in keeping it fit. With appropriate care, the Labrottie is a great companion, steadfast, eager to please and super loyal.

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