What You Need To Know About The Golden Retriever Husky Mix?

Golden Retriever Husky Mix

The Golden Retriever and Siberian Husky breeds are quite popular because they are excellent hunters that possess a high level of intelligence. Their crossbreeding yields to a puppy which inherits some traits from its parents such as weight pulling and hunting skills.

The popular name given to the golden retriever husky mix is Goberian. A Goberian is friendly and a good companion to children. It’s quite energetic and active. All these features make it a great pet for you and other members of your household. Read on and get to know about the Goberian.


Origin of the Goberian

The Goberian is a designer dog which is not purebred. Its characteristics have been acquired from both of its parents, the Golden Retriever and the Siberian Husky. It started being in existence in the recent decades. Finding the breed is quite hard, and the details on how the crossbreed came to being are not clear. The main aim of the breeder was to have a dog with a stunning and silky golden coat and lovely blue eyes.

Just as it happens with other crossbreeds, the Goberian has the appearance of either of the parents or better, both of them. This makes it hard for one to determine what the appearance of the mixed breed will be. Before getting yourself a crossbreed pet, first know the traits of both parents.

Temperament Of The Goberian

Trust me; the Golden Retriever Husky Mix will offer you companionship as it is quite friendly and has a gentle and kind nature. Also, you can be sure that members of your household will certainly adore the four-legged friend since it will easily get along with them. It always finds that one person it bonds with in your family but is kind enough to extend its affection to other family members.

Another trait that will make you like the Goberian more is that their traits make them awesome watchdogs. Their desire to please their owner makes them to be very obedient and easy to train. With proper training, you can get your Golden Retriever Husky Mix to possess the behaviors and traits that you desire in a dog, and it will also learn to take instructions from you.


Being bossed around is not a thing that Goberians love. Goberians are fast learners, but their independence makes them choose their own way with things. Training your Goberian puppy at a tender age will give you an upper hand because there will be adequate time for it to adjust. Get to learn the interests of your dog and maintain the duration of the training sessions as short as possible. Treats and a variety of toys will serve you by keeping your Goberian interested during the training sessions.

A very annoying trait of the Goberian breed is that it does take pleasure in testing the leadership skills of their owner. I know this would make you lose your patience during the training sessions since training the dog will be rather difficult. You need to acquire a dog you are willing to make some effort in training. You only need to be confident and patient enough as you train your Goberian companion to get maximum results from the training sessions.

How To Feed Your Golden Retriever Husky Mix

To ensure that your dogs are well fed, give your Goberian which is medium or large sized two meals per day. The two meals should consist of about 3 to 4 cups of dog food which is of good quality. Because of their active nature as well as their playfulness, you can use their traits to make a decision on the amount of food you should feed your four-legged friend on. Dry food is preferable since it aids your dog to maintain healthy, strong and clean teeth.

Dog food bought from stores is not recommended for your dog since the food’s quality largely affects your dog’s growth, general body health and appearance of its coat and fur. You need to add to your dog’s diet some raw meat and some veggies. Do not feed your Goberian friend with lots of carbohydrates since they are carnivores. Their digestive system is modified for proteins.

Appropriate Living Conditions Of A Goberian

Goberians are independent and very active and so it does not suffer from loneliness which causes separation anxiety. It uses its energy in exploring its environment, and so you can only have it as a pet when you have a large home compound and a backyard where it can roam around freely.

Goberians can survive in areas with low temperatures since their fur is rather dense. They barely tolerate too much heat. Be sure not to subject your Goberian to the harsh sun rays since too much of it will make your dog prone to heart stroke.

Exercise Needs Of Your Goberian

Goberians require high exercise since they are quite active. Taking your dog for walks will aid in maintaining its health as well as keeping it happy and disciplined. The Goberians are the ideal breed for people who love exercising through walking briskly, cycling and jogging as it offers them a fitness partner.

If your dog does not get adequate exercise, you are likely to note some queer behavior such as barking, chewing and being highly destructive. If you want to own a Goberian, you should have a big backyard where it will play and exercise.

Coat And Grooming

Crossbreeds normally take the appearance of one of their parents or are a combination of both parents. The Goberian has a thick outer coat and a soft inner coat. The outer coat is wavy, straight and dense. Lucky for you who owns a Goberian, it hardly sheds and has very few grooming needs. However, neglecting the grooming requirements of your dog is not right.

Good grooming is quite important because it enhances the overall appearance of your dog and helps in maintaining its good health. Vets recommend that you brush the coat of your dog twice in a week. The brushing should be rampant in the shedding season. Brushing also assists in getting of skin impurities which could be in your dog’s skin as well as reducing any possible risk of ticks, fleas or diseases.

Probable Health Problems Likely To Affect Your Goberian

Generally, the Giberians are usually healthy but are prone to several diseases such as:

  • Cancer
  • Bloat
  • ​Joint dysplasia
  • Allergies
  • Eye problems

How Much Does A Goberian Cost?

An average Goberian puppy costs approximately from $250 to $600. The reasons why it expensive are that it barely gets ill and has very desirable characteristics. The annual medical budget of a Goberian ranges from $450 to $600. The total annual budget is slightly more than or a little less than $1000.

This Is The Perfect Companion For You

The Golden Retriever Husky mix makes a perfect companion for a beginner who needs a pet. Its friendly nature and the desire to please the owner will make your Goberian irresistible to have as a pet. To make it an all-around dog such that is can survive in various living conditions; you can offer it socialization as well as appropriate training.

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