Boxer Hound Mix

Boxer Hound Mix


Don't own a Boxer Hound Mix as a Pet until You Read This

The Boxer Hound mix also popularly known as the Boxset is quite a popular designer breed. It is as a result of cross-breeding the Boxer and the Basset Hound. The Boxset is known to have a pleasant personality which is almost child-like.

Wouldn't it be pleasant to have such a pet? What about their irresistible faces? You will definitely want to have one of these in your house. If you desire to have one, then you most probably need to know more about the boxer hound mix. Without further ado, let us get to serious business.

Origin of the Boxer Hound Mix

Just like most of the designer hybrids, the Boxset has no clear-cut origin story regarding when they started appearing. We can, however, determine the origin of the parents.

The Boxer was developed in Germany in the 19th century. They are known descendants of the Bullenbeisser breeds which have been cross-bred with the Bulldog, Mastiff, probably the Terrier or the Great Dane. At that time they were bull baiters and later they were used in slaughter houses to control cows in being led into the slaughterhouses.

Boxers are renowned work dogs, and due to this, they were the first to be used as police dogs used in search and rescue missions. Another reason why they were bred is to provide companionship and be watchdogs. They are fond of children.

The Hounds were used in North Africa at around 10,000 BC by the nomads to hunt and kill a bovine which was roaming within the wild herds.

Traits of the Boxer Hound mix

The personality of the Boxer Hound mix is quite unique. They are quite adorable because of their childlike nature. For instance, when in trouble, it pouts and when sleepy it nags a lot. The Boxset is quite friendly to members of the household, children and strangers. Her friendly nature makes her a perfect choice for a family dog.

Now that the Boxset has two parents, it can acquire the Boxer's shedding genes such that shedding will be less or may inherit the Basset's Hound genes which will cause her to shed a lot of fur. Boxsets are quite active just like their Boxer parent. They are also playful, a trait which makes them an excellent companion for children.

A Boxset is an excessive barker, and this makes it an excellent watchdog for your household. It will always alert you whenever a stranger is approaching your place and will show aggression whenever someone intends to harm you or any member of your household.

The Boxset loves to play and run around. Exercise is very important for a Boxset for it to keep fit. Ensure that you fence the yard in which your Boxset plays.

Boxsets offer great companionship. They like pleasing their owner, and so they will easily get along. You can involve them in your activities.

Physical Appearance of a Boxer Hound Mix

The most probable weight of a Boxset ranges between 50 to 70 pounds. They are fairly large dogs. The Boxset has a fawn appearance and has little white spots on his belly and on the feet.

Boxsets have very strong teeth which are full in the mouth. The teeth always give the Boxset a firm and strong grip.

The body build of the Boxset is quite muscular. They have a long body, but they are short due to the short length of the legs.

The boxsets walk in a galloping and have a looping run. This is a trait acquired from the Basset Hound Parent.

The feet of the Boxset are big, like their Basset Hound Parent. Its nails are similar to those of the boxer parent which are thick unlike those of the Basset Hound parent which are claw-like.

Now that the Boxset can acquire the traits of their parents, its tail may be inherited from the Boxer and have a docked-like appearance, or it could be long and turned to the left like that of the Basset Hound parent.

Boxsets have smooth and silky coats which should be brushed daily to prevent knots from forming. The coat can be hound tri-colored, fawn or white.

Grooming Needs for a Boxset

The Boxsets have short, smooth, silky and tight fitting coats. They do not need too much grooming. A bath once in a few months is recommended. Frequent bathing can cause your Boxset to have a dry and itchy skin. After the bath, you can wipe your Boxset with a wet washcloth to keep it from getting dirty fast.

Frequently clean your Boxset's ears to keep them looking good and from producing odor. Regular cleaning also helps to reduce ear infections.

Use nail clippers to clip your Boxset's nails frequently but be very cautious if you intend to clip the nails yourself. Caution will help to prevent hurting the dog by cutting the quick which runs through the nails. If that happens, it is likely to cause your dog to bleed excessively. To avoid this, do not clip the nails too short.

Brush your Boxsets teeth to keep him or her from suffering from a periodontal disease which can, in the long run, cause your dog serious complications.

Choosing the Right Food for Your Boxset

Considering that their Boxer parent is prone to allergies, select allergens free food for your Boxset. Some of these foods that you should avoid are wheat, corn, yeast, soy and other foods which have artificial by-products, artificial flavors and colorings.

Try out different types of food before you settle on one formula because your Boxset could be allergic to some types of proteins such as chicken and beef.

Is Training a Boxset An Easy Task?

Training your Boxset can be one of the things that you do to bond with it. Your Boxset will always want to please you, and for that reason, it will always want to please you by following your instructions to the latter. Train it on most traits when it is still young because it will retain the traits for a very long time. In a nutshell, it is very easy to train a Boxer Hound Mix when it is still young.

What is the Best Weather Condition for a Boxer Hound Mix to Survive?

A Boxer Hound Mix does not live comfortably in weather conditions which are extremely hot or cold. In hot and dry weather, they get overheated especially when they are playing. In extremely wet conditions they freeze due to the cold. They do well in moderate weather where it is neither too warm nor too cold.

What Health Issues can a Boxer Hound Mix Inherit?

Boxer Hound mix breeds are prone to a variety of diseases such as a variety of cancers, cardiac issues and bloat. All these diseases can lead to an ultimate death of the dogs. Other deep-chested breeds also stand the risk of bloat which leads to a short life span.

The extent of genetic diversity in a mixed breed is greater than in a cross-breed. Always consider the known anomalies of each and every predominant breed.

How Much Will I Pay for a Boxset?

All designer dog breeds are quite expensive, but not this one. You can acquire a Boxset at a fair price of at least $150 and $500 on the higher side. The cost is fairly cheap because a Boxset is a hybrid and so you will not have people booking your dog for shows. Ensure that you get it right with procedures involving pet registration, acquiring toys, visiting the vet and grooming needs. These add up to the cost of having a Boxset.

You Now Have a Reliable Companion

With its child-like personality, it is so adorable; we are sure that you will want it to keep you company and take care of it. Members of your household will also most probably be happy with the new member added to the family. The Boxer Hound Mix is the dog to have around in your household.

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