Best Dog Toys To Buy In 2017

Best Dog Toys

Dogs are among some of the best pets ones may consider keeping. When you own a dog, it is vital to understand that your pet normally benefits from the physical exercises as well as the intellectual benefits provided by the toys. This explains the reason why you should always go for the best dog toy when you need one for your dog.

Dog toys always provide the best way to stimulate your dog's mind while spending time with your dog. They also strengthen the bond between you and your dog. Let us have a look at five best dog toys review which entails the best qualities to go for when you need one.


Things To Consider When Buying The Best Dog Toys

There are many varieties of dog toys in the market. When buying a dog toy, it is good to consider some factors in order to buy the best one for your pet. What are things to consider when purchasing the best dog toy?

  • Age

Although dogs do not mature in the exact same way as we do, you should always learn to keep in mind your dog's age. Young puppies like three weeks old puppies still have baby teeth. They require toys with softer rubber and snugly fabrics. At around three to nine months, your puppies will be now teething, and you should now avoid buying them toys with hard rubber. Once teething phase passes, your pet will now have a strong jaw, and so you can give them toys with hard rubbers.

  • Size and Texture

Different dogs vary in sizes and harshness. Depending on your dog's breed, you should consider the size and texture of the dog toy you want to buy for your dog. Toys that are too soft can easily break and become ingested resulting to gastrointestinal blockages.

  • Price

When making a choice on the dog toy that you want to buy, it is always advisable to consider the price of the dog toy. While most people would rather go for cheap dog toys, it is always good to remember that cheap can sometimes be expensive and you might find yourself buying dog toys very frequently.

  • Durability

If your dog is an aggressive chewer then you most probably will have to go for durable dog toys. Even though these durable dog toys might tend to be somehow expensive, it is worth buying them because after doing so then you'll forget about buying dog toys for a very long time.

  • Ease of cleaning

After sometime, you might need to clean the dog toy for one reason or another. If the toys are easy to clean then consider yourself having made the perfect choice. You should not buy a dog toy that gives you a hard time when trying to clean it. It is always good to rinse the toy completely when washing it so as to remove any detergents that could make the dog sick.

Types Of Dog Toys

  • Balls

There are the rubber balls, plush balls, tennis balls, squeaker balls and foam balls. Each of them bounces in different ways. Some balls glow in the dark.

  • Tug Toys

Most dog pets enjoy playing a tug-of-war with other dogs or the one who owns them. Although it might be dangerous for an untrained puppy, you need not to worry. The tug toys are the type of dog toys that imitate a dog cartoon. They are the best for dogs to play a tag of war with.

  • Treats and Chewables

These are dog toys which are specifically made to be chewed on by dogs. They are the best type to be used for the dogs to chew while playing. They are usually made of nylon material or hard rubber. These toys are usually made to last longer.

  • Plush

These types of toys are always a favorite to most of the dogs. Unfortunately, they are always not safe. They can be easily ripped apart and ingested by dogs. This might result in your pet being chocked or having intestinal problems. They can be fun to your dog when fully supervised.

The General Importance Of Dog Toys

Toys help the dogs to play hence making them involved in exercises. There are many benefits which result from the dogs playing with toys.

  • Physical Exercise

Exercise is the main reason why most dog owners prefer toys for their dogs. Involving in a play with a dog is not only fun to the dog owner and the dog but also a way of doing exercise. Exercise is a crucial way of having a healthier dog because without enough exercise a dog may become obese hence resulting in exposure to a number of illnesses.

  • Intellectual Stimulation

Dogs require more exercise to ensure they keep a healthy weight and stay stimulated. Dogs can easily become bored, and this might be dangerous. Adequate intellectual stimulation helps the dogs to be obedient, easy to handle and not to be destructive. Intellectual stimulation helps your dog to relax even when it is the one of high energy.

  • Bonding

By nature, a dog is a pack animal, and there is a need for it to have a bond with other animals of its pack and also feel accepted. Involving in a play time with your dog is the best way to bond with it. As you play with your dog, you not only create bonding but improve its health which is a proof from scientists.

Toys play an important role to make sure bonding is achieved. As dogs play with the toys at home, they feel accepted and comfortable.

  • Dental Health

Dental health is crucial in a dog's overall health state. It is important for dogs to have clean teeth. Poor dog's dental hygiene may lead to malnutrition or even infections as well as bad breath. Brushing your dog's teeth may be a challenging task. The best way to improve the dental health, however, is to use toys that are specially designed to clean your dog's teeth as it plays with it. These toys normally encourage chewing, which stimulates the saliva production in the dog's mouth hence cleaning its teeth.

Top Five Best Dog Toys

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1. Chulk It! Ultra Ball



This chalk ball has been designed to be the best for your dog. It is the best ball for playing the fetch game. The ball is intended to have a high bounce, high visibility, high durability and high buoyancy. The ball's quality promises to outdo the ordinary ones. It is compatible with the Chuckit Dog Toy-launcher.


  • Highly durable
  • Quality material
  • Made from high bounce natural rubber


  • The quality material that is used to make the ball is for your pet's best health
  • Designed with high standards set in the USA
  • ​The ball is durable and perfect for fetching game
  • It is made from natural high-bounce rubber material hence gives a high bounce when playing with
  • The ball is great for ponds and pools due to its buoyancy
  • ​It is made in a way that cleaning it is easy
  • ​Works well with the medium Chuckit! Ball-Launchers due to their compact ability


  • May be dangerous to your dog if it becomes destroyed or damaged
  • May not be the best play toy for puppies

2. Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel And Puzzle Plush Squeaking Toys For Dogs



Outward Hound is designed to give fun to your dog. The toy is durably designed with compiled array of shapes, textures and sounds. It is made of durable plush material and three squeaky bees. Its design gives a hide and seek play pattern which most dogs like. The yellow color makes its visibility perfect.


  • Made from durable material
  • Has a hide and seek pattern
  • ​Features three squeaky bees
  • Durable plush hive


  • It is made with durable plush material which makes it last longer
  • The toy has three squeaky bees and durable plush hive which gives the dog perfect fun
  • ​The design of the toy to give a hide and seek play pattern is the best for dogs since most dogs love that
  • The toy's color (yellow) gives it a perfect visibility


  • Requires supervision when dogs play with them

3. Kong Wild Knots Bear Dog Toy



The toy is cuddly and soft on the outside surface while strong and durable on the inside. The toy is the best for both dogs and their young ones. Their design with wild knot bears is a perfect match for dog fun. Their body is reinforced to provide extra durability. They are designed to squeak hence enticing the dogs while playing with them.


  • The internal rope is a knotted skeleton which gives the dog natural instinct satisfaction
  • Minimal snuffing
  • The toy is soft but durable


  • The material of the toy is made to be soft but durable which makes it last longer
  • The toy is made to have minimal snuffing
  • ​The knotted internal rope skeleton gives the dog natural instincts satisfaction
  • It's the favorite toy for puppies


  • Can be easily chewed by strong German shepherd dogs
  • Needs supervision when dogs play with them

4. Multipet Duckworth



It is soft and yellow in color. The yellow duck gives fun to the dog while it is playing with it. The duck is made to be fun to toss and easy to catch. The fowl ball is made with a squeaker and plush filled to provide maximum fun for your dog. The toy is ideal for all sized pets.


  • Large but perfect for all size pets
  • The toy has a squeaker that gives fun to the dog
  • ​It is filled with plush
  • The material is strong and durable


  • The toys are great for fetch and plays game
  • It is made with a squeaker which gives the dog maximum fun
  • ​The toy is plush filled, and this makes it best for a dog toy
  • It is made of a durable material which makes it last longer


  • Needs full supervision when the dog is playing with it which might be tiresome
  • May be chewed by the dog which is dangerous

5. Kong Classic Dog Toy



The toy is made with super bouncy material which makes it bounce perfectly. The natural rubber it is made of makes it ideal for typical dog chewers. The toy has been recommended by veterinarians to be one of the best toys which keep dogs busy and control their misbehaviors. The toy is best for both sizes of dog chewers.


  • Made of a compound of natural rubber
  • The toy is made with super bouncy for fun play
  • ​Made for both medium and large breeds
  • ​The toy is made with strong but chewable material
  • Designed to be classic


  • The toy is best for fetch play due to the unpredictable bouncing
  • It is recommended worldwide by dog trainers and veterinarians
  • ​The toy has super-bouncy creating a fun play
  • ​The natural rubber compound makes it to be perfect
  • ​The toy can serve both medium and large breeds


  • Needs supervision since it might be dangerous when the dog chews it

The Final Words

In a nutshell, this is the best dog toys review. It is important to go for the best dog toy for them to serve your dog perfectly. Dogs need to be given maximum fun and also make them get involved in exercises while playing. I would advise you to go for Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel and Puzzle Plush Squeaking toys for dogs. This is the best toy of all and gives the dog maximum fun. It is also durable enough to serve your dog for a longer time.

I believe that this article has been very helpful to you, in case there is anything that I have not considered and you feel that it should have been considered then please inform us in the comments section below. Please share out this article so that other dog lovers can also access and read the useful information contained herein.

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