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Dogs are naturally playful, and there is nothing we can do about this fact. Dogs of all ages will once in a while exercise their playful nature which to some extent makes them healthy. When your dog gets messy or rolls into some pool of dirt, it is obvious that he will get dirty and smelly in some cases. To restore your dog’s cleanliness levels, you will have to wash him. In the washing process is where the best dog shampoo comes in.

Buying the best shampoo is not merely a walk in the park. There are several factors and features that you must look out for to select the best one. Because your canine friend is normally considered a member of the family, you must then treat him as part of your family. What other way can you love to your dog is not by using the best products on him for his well-being?


Features To Look Out For When Choosing The Best Dog Shampoo

Making a decision on the best shampoo for your dog will not effortless. This is because you will have to get one with some specific traits to take good care of your dog’s coat. This is because the dog’s coat requires lots of care. Using shampoos which have harsh ingredients will cause damage to your dog’s coat and deplete its attractive look.

  • Suitable pH to take care of the dog’s delicate skin

Getting shampoo with the right pH for your dog is important. Acidic components are not suitable for use by human beings, and the same case applies to the dog’s skin. Acidic shampoo will make the coat of your dog to be dull.

This is because it drains off valuable oil which protects and sustains the good appearance of the dog’s coat. Its skin also gets messed up as it gets dry and gets easily irritated. Never at any one time should you consider using human hair shampoo to wash your dog, regardless of how soaked up in dirt it could be.

  • Mild and soap-free Cleansing agents

While the general rule expects that every washing should be done using soap, the same is not true when it comes to washing the dog. The shampoo should be soap free because soap makes the dog’s skin dry.

This, as a result, eliminates the oil on the dog’s skin and leaves an irritating residue on the dog’s skin. The ideal shampoo cleaning agents should be coconut based, renewable and hypoallergenic. These agents will keep your dog’s skin oily while preventing the dog from having a dry skin.

  • Simplicity in rinsing out

There is nothing as dangerous as residue left on the skin and fur of your dog after washing it. This is what leads to an irritant dog’s skin. You need to purchase ultra-mild shampoos which are very easy to rinse out. Their ease of washing out the earth bath shampoos makes them very appealing.

Earth bath shampoos are examples of such shampoos that can be easily rinsed out. The ingredients for the earth bath shampoos which are extra-mild are free of any animal by-products, animal-by-products, phthalate and paraben. They are also wholly natural and non-toxic.

  • Availability of conditioners and moisturizing components

A dog with a dull coat is one I would have no desire to be associated with. To maintain the glow on your dog’s skin, you need to use the right shampoo with a conditioner and a moisturizer. Some of the components which enhance the moisturizing capability of a dog shampoo include oatmeal and Aloe Vera. These are responsible for dealing with skin irritation, enhancing healing and acting as a moisturiser for dry skin.

For a dog that is suffering from uncontrollable itches, the Oatmeal and Aloe shampoo is ideal.

Food For Thought

Just like human beings, dogs’ skins also vary in type. There are three types, the normal skin, dry and oily skin. Determining your dog’s skin type can be quite a challenge as most of it is covered by its fur. Let me help you simplify this challenging task. If your dog has dry skin, you will notice that the skin is flaking.

Oily skin will give your fingers a residue-type feeling once you pass your fingers through your dog’s coat. If neither of these conditions is evident with your canine friend, then its skin has to be the normal skin.

Asking a veterinarian to help you identify your dog’s skin type is ideal. This is because you will be in a position to choose the dog shampoo which will have no adverse effects on its skin.

A Review Of The Five Best Dog Shampoos

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1. OxGord Natural Oatmeal Dog-Shampoo



This product is specific for dogs which have a particularly sensitive skin and coat. It ensures that after a wash, your dog is clean enough to cuddle beside you in your bed with white covers. The glow on your dog’s coat will also be noticeable and appealing.

Its ingredients are coconut oils, Aloe Vera, and jojoba which will relieve your canine friend from its pain and itchiness. These conditions are brought about by flea infestation, dryness or dandruff. It will leave your dog’s skin appealing due to its glowing, smooth, moisturized, odorless and clean nature.


  • Tear free soapless formula
  • All natural ingredients that you can trust
  • 100% Vegan and organic


  • Contains plenty of natural organic and vegan components which ensure that your dog is only exposed to non-toxic and natural products
  • High-quality product which takes care of your dog’s skin and offers the best treatment to your dog’s coat
  • Made of essential oils which are appropriately balanced and approved by veterinarians
  • ​Tear free as it is made of natural extracts and oils. This will make your dog look forward to bath time
  • ​Detangles your dog’s fur
  • Causes no irritation


  • Does not work well with itchy dog skin

2. FURminator de shedding Ultra Premium Shampoo



This product is unique as its natural ingredients reduce fur loss through shedding. This is made possible by the fact that the natural ingredients release the undercoat as you give your dog a bath. These natural ingredients include Aloe Vera, Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, and chamomile extracts.

This product is ideal for dogs whose age is six weeks and beyond. It may irritate the dog if it gets into contact with the dog’s eyes. If this happens, make sure you consult the veterinarian.


  • Enhances a healthy coat and skin of your canine friend
  • Has no artificial colors, chemical dyes or parabens as ingredients
  • ​Suitable for dogs and cats whose age is more than six weeks
  • Its ingredients reduce fur loss through excessive shedding


  • Promotes shimmery and healthy coat and skin
  • The product reduces hair loss due to its composition of appropriately blended ingredients
  • ​Has no artificial products such as chemical dyes, artificial colors and parabens
  • Among its ingredients are the natural papaya leaves, calendula extracts and Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids
  • Appropriate for dogs which are six weeks old or more


  • Causes irritation if it accidentally comes into contact with eyes

3. Pro Pet Works Hypoallergenic Organic Oatmeal and Aloe Dog Shampoo



This shampoo is gentle and makes it easy to get your dog’s fur to detangle. It is perfect for washing dogs which have flea bites and itchy, sensitive and dry skin. It has a balanced pH which barely causes an irritation effect on your four-legged friend’s skin.

By absorbing allergens which cause itching, the oatmeal granules work to reduce the itchy effect which could be causing irritation to your dog.


  • Made of natural and organic ingredients
  • Their packaging is biodegradable which makes the product eco-friendly
  • ​Recommended by the vet as it has a suitable pH which prevents it from having an irritating effect on your dog’s skin
  • The product has no detergents, soap, sulfate, paraben or any animal by-products


  • Perfect for flea treatment
  • Free from paraben, sulfate, soap and detergents which would have an irritating effect on your dog’s skin
  • ​Helps to get rid of the smell associated with wet dogs. This one can be very pungent
  • ​Using it frequently will have no adverse effects on the skin and coat of your canine friend
  • Has no irritation effect on your dog’s nose or eyes during bath time


  • Somehow quite expensive

4. SynergyLabs Veterinary Formula Clinical Medicated Shampoo



This product is medicated with Hydrocortisone, Lidocaine and white germ oil. These ingredients play a significant role in minimizing itchiness and scratching. It is free of the products which are likely to cause irritation, swelling and redness to its skin.

Such products include soap, detergents, dye and paraben. Aloe Vera and Colloidal oatmeal ingredients make the shampoo soothing and add it a moisturizing effect. To speed up healing, use it with an itch relief medicated spray.


  • This shampoo is medicated, which makes it more trustworthy. Its medical ingredients are wheat germ oil, Lidocaine and hydrocortisone
  • Works to relieve scratching which is caused by an itching effect
  • ​Has Aloe Vera and colloidal ingredients which have a moisturizing and soothing effect on your dog’s skin
  • Plays a part in discouraging extreme gnawing and chewing


  • Helps to relieve your dog off bacterial and fungal infections. The most common infections are pyoderma and dermatitis
  • You can be sure of its certain safety as it is paraben free
  • Has Aloe Vera and Lanolin ingredients which hasten the healing of your dog’s skin


  • Does not completely cure dog’s allergies immediately

5. Earthbath All Natural Pet Shampoo



The earth bath all natural pet shampoo is highly recommended by most veterinarians. This is because it has oatmeal and Aloe Vera ingredients making it suitable to reduce skin irritation that may be bothering your canine friend.

It also enhances the quick healing of ailing skin and dry skin by moisturizing it. To add some scent to it, add some almond oil and vanilla. Your dog will look amazing and at the same time feel good.


  • This is a soap-free shampoo
  • It is gentle and safe to use and at the same time very effective
  • ​Has an appealing scent
  • The earth bath all natural shampoo provides natural care for your dog and is biodegradable


  • Causes no irritation to your dog’s skin
  • Gentle on your dog’s skin and coat as it is made of a hundred percent natural products
  • Among its ingredients, it has no enzymes, toxins, dyes, extra chemicals or phosphates
  • Lathers easily. This will turn bath time into play time


  • The shampoo barely maintains the glow and soft texture of your canine friend’s fur. Instead, it makes the fur to appear frizzy and dull

Final Verdict

Choosing the best dog shampoo shall never be an uphill task again after reading this comprehensive article. All the factors that need to be considered when buying the best dog shampoo have been thoroughly discussed.

From the review, we find the Pro Pet Works Hypoallergenic Organic Oatmeal and Aloe Dog Shampoo to be the ideal shampoo that will fulfil your needs as well as those of your faithful friend. It is gentle and makes it easy to get your dog’s fur to detangle. It is perfect for washing dogs which have flea bites, itchy, sensitive and dry skins.

You can rely on our verdict while making your purchase. Better yet, try out several of these dog shampoos, now that you know their features very well. Please exercise your kindness and share with us your experience with each and every dog shampoo.

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