What Do You Know About The Beagle Lab Mix?

Beagle Lab Mix

The crossbreed of a Labrador and a Beagle is known as the Beagador. The Beagador is a fun and friendly designer dog which will offer you companionship, thus making a good pet. From its Beagle parent, it acquires its trait related to height. Its short coat and medium sized body are inherited from its Labrador Retriever parent. Due to its multi-talented nature, it is excellent in dog sports like jogging and agility.


Origin Of The Beagador

​This designer crossbreed just started to exist over the past three decades. Its origin is the United States and has become quite popular. To understand more about the Beagador, looking at the details of the parents will help us a great deal.

  • Labrador Retriever

The origin of the Labrador Retriever is Newfoundland in Canada. Its existence dates back to the year 1700. At that time, the Labrador Retriever was used as a helper of fishermen by bringing in lines, fish, hooks and other fishing requirements. Later, people took them in as family companions. Their disposition and work ethics made them quite popular among the Englishmen who were frequent visitors to Canada during the early years of the 1800s. The Englishmen retook them to England and made them their companions in their hunting sprees. Later, the United States of America imported the breed from England in the 1920s.

  • The Beagle

The Beagle dogs trace back to a period in the 1800s during the Roman times and were used as companions during the hunting sprees. Its gentle, fun and goofy behavior will cheer you up, and on the other side, it might decide to unleash its monkey business which is frustrating enough to make you shed tears of sorrow.

Their disobedient nature makes them ignore the pleas of their owner. Their best side is that they are a great companion for children, possess an excellent sense of smell which makes them excellent hunting companions and are generally good at heart.

Appearance Of The Beagador

The crossbreed appearance can be inclined to either of its parents or can be a combination of both parents. The Beagador weighs 25 lbs in the least and 40 lbs at most. It is a medium sized dog and measures approximately 19 to 24 inches. The body height has been inherited from the Beagle parent but has a longer torso. Its snout is narrow and long. Its coat is short, smooth and dense and the common colors for the coat are brown, black, fawn, white, tan, red, orange and tricolor.

Temperament Of The Beagador

The Beagador is very energetic, a trait which makes it to be quite playful to the extent that it gets uncontrollable at times. It is loyal and loves cuddling, which makes it a great companion. It is curious, stubborn and at the same time attentive and intelligent. With time, the Beagador gets a laid back personality and gets patient such that it can easily get well with everyone. The Beagador suffers from separation attack if isolated. Its enthusiastic, protective and happy nature will always make you adore it, despite its stubbornness.

Training Requirements

A Beagador is smart and always eager to please its owner. These qualities will ease your work when training your dog. At times when it decides to be stubborn, you will have the hardest time during the training sessions. To keep your dog happy as you prevent its stubborn nature from coming up, you can simply reward it with treats, praise and encouragements. During the initial training stages, you will require to be consistent, firm and patient.

Exercise and constant activity are major requirements for a Beagador which is quite hyperactive. This means that a perfect owner of a Beagador has to be dedicated to offering it enough physical exercise every day for at least 30 minutes. The rigorous exercise is necessary to utilize the energy of the crossbreed. If it persists being destructive and restless, then you need to scale up the exercise. The exercise helps in preventing the Beagador from fattening up.

Grooming Needs Of A Beagador

The Beagador rarely sheds, and so its grooming needs range from low to moderate. Brushing your dog twice per week will work for you and your dog. To prevent infections and health problems, it is required that you give your dog regular baths, trim its nails, brush its teeth, and ensure it gets frequent ear checking.

How To Feed Your Beagador

Beagadors are heavy eaters, and so you need to keep watch of their diet by measuring their servings. This way, you will have prevented your dog from excessive eating. I would recommend that you feed your Beagador on dry kibble. Maintain its daily amount to 1.5 cups in the least or at most, 2.5 cups would be ideal. Be wise to choose food that suits your dog’s age and lifestyle.

Health Concerns

A beagle lab mix inherits health issues from the Labrador Retriever and the Beagle. It is wise that you inquire from the breeder on the health details of the Beagador’s parents so that you can reduce the probability of acquiring a dog which has been infected with certain diseases. Paying the breeder a personal visit so that you can get to see the puppy and examine its condition is a better idea.

Here Are Some Of The Health Issues Likely To Affect Your Beagador

  • Eye problems
  • ​Epilepsy
  • ​Skin problems
  • Cold tail
  • ​Intervertable disk
  • Hypothyroidism
  • ​Bloating
  • ​OCD
  • Beagle Dwarfism
  • ​Patellar Luxation

How Much Do I Need To Part With To Get A Beagador?

The average price for a beagle lab mix puppy ranges from $300-$600. Its medical expenses every year are approximately $550. The medical requirements are such as health insurance, check-ups, vaccinations and flea prevention. For other requirements, you will require $375 to $560. Non-medical expenses are such as buying treats, toys, food, training and acquiring a license.

Perfect Choice Of A Pet

This is the perfect companion for dog owners who are energetic, active and own large yards for them to play and exercise in. If you were looking for a pet to give you company, look further no more. The Beagador, a crossbreed of the Beagle and the Labrador Retriever, is a fun-loving dog that does not like being left alone. You only need to give it attention in abundance and in turn, it will show you loyalty and companionship.

Before you get a Beagador for yourself, ensure that you will be ready to engage it in enough exercise, have a large compound where it can exercise and that you can comfortably support it financially by catering for its medical needs and other non-medical needs such as purchasing toys for your dog, food and litter boxes.

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